Rate Categories Management

This is a guide on how to create new rate plans. If you want to edit a rate plan there are very limited options and if you need big changes it is better to delete the rate plan and create new.

Create Rate Plan

Title - This will be the name of the rate plan

Property: Which property you are creating it for (Usually this is filled in for you)

Room Type: Which room type you will create it for (Also usually filled for you)

Manual or Derived Rate

Manual rate plan is normal rate plan where you manage the price and restrictions yourself.

Derived is where the price or restrictions can be taken from a different rate plan.

Create a Manual Rate

Currency: This will be taken as default from the property setting, but you can change this so you have a rate plan in a different currency

Sell Mode: "Per Room" will make a rate plan for the maximum occupancy and "Per Person" will make a rate per person

Rate: This is the default rate for all future dates

Show Advanced Settings - Click on this to show set default settings for the restrictions

Advanced Settings

You can set defaults for the restrictions here

Min Stay Arrival - Check the bookings length of stay based only on the arrival date

Min Stay Through - Checks the booking length for each night of the booking

Typically a property would use one of the minimum stay types (not both) Most OTA will support Arrival Type

Closed To Arrival - If checked then you cannot arrive on that day

Closed to Departure - If checked then you cannot depart on that day

Stop Sell - Rate is not available to sell on that day

Availability Modifiers

This is advanced options that will affect the availability of the rate plan, it is for specific uses for tech savvy users.

Max Sell - When rooms sold equals the number set here it will stop sell the rate plan.

Example: If you have a special offer rate plan and only want 1 sold per day you can enter 1 here and once 1 is sold the rate plan will be set to stop sell for that day.

Max Availability - Whatever is set here means the if the availability is higher than the number set it will be reduced to the max availability.

Example: If you have 10 Double Rooms to sell but don't want group bookings where you can book all 10 at the same time. You can set Max Availability to 3 and only 3 will be shown at a time to the channels.

Availability Offset - This applies a negative amount to your availability for this rate plan

Example: If you want the last room sold on your website you can apply 1 offset to all the other channels so when there is one room left the -1 will make it 0.

Cancellation Policy - You can choose a cancellation policy or create a new one.

Tax - It will use your properties default tax or you can choose a different tax if the rate requires it.

Create Derived Rate Plan

When you choose derived you will have an option to choose the parent room type where you will take the information from.

Typically you would derive from a rate plan from the same room type but we are flexible and you can choose a rate plan from other room types if needed.

Once you have selected a parent room type you can choose what to derive. You can leave all checked which means you will take all of the details or uncheck some things to set manually.

Once you have selected what to derive you can set the rate modifier to change the price according to your formula

You can choose per room or per person.

Per Room (This will make a rate for the max occupancy of the room type)

Increase By Amount - You will add an amount to the daily rate

Decrease By Amount - You will less an amount to the daily rate

Increase By Percent - You can increase the daily price by a percentage

Decrease By Percent - You can decrease the daily price by a percentage

You can add more rules by clicking this button

You can add more than one rule to change your derived rate. Example: Increase by 10% and then add 5.

Per Person Derived

Derived - This allows you to set rules for each occupancy, it is the most flexible option

Auto - This is a simpler option where you set the rule and it applies to each person.

Cascade - This is useful to create a derived rate from a per person rate

- Derived Option

Primary Occupancy - You will choose the occupancy to begin the calculation

Rate Logic - This will apply the calculation to the primary occupancy

Rate Logic for x Person - You can set the rules for the other occupancies

Hint If you select default occupancy as 2 person, then for 1 person you will typically set a decrease amount or percentage.

If you set 1 as default and add 10 per person. 2 Person should have +10 and 3 Person should have +20. This is because the modifier is based from the primary occupancy and not the previous occupancy

You can set child and infant fees also here.

- Auto Option

For Auto it simplifies setup for larger rooms which have an easy price settings. Example if its a 8 bed room and just +10 per person.

You will select the default occupancy and just enter the options for how much less or more per occupancy difference.

- Cascade Option

This option is to simplify making a derived per person rate if you already have a per person rate.

Example: You have a per person rate for breakfast and want a "No Breakfast" derived rate and its just -10 per person.