Channel IFrame

This is the API to show an iframe for the Channex mapping screen in your application. The user will be able to create channels and map by themselves.

Generate a One-Time access token

To generate a One-Time access token you should call the next API Method:

POST {{server}}/api/v1/auth/one_time_token

Please, don’t forget to add your Authorisation header.

You should get the following response:

{ "data": { "token": "94feab9f-60e6-411b-d854-8f12004d8bc8" }, "meta": { "message": "You are successfully received one-time token! Use it for exchange to JWT" } }

At data.token you should receive a One-Time access token to authorise your user in Channex without providing credentials.

After the first usage, token will be removed. The token will live for 15 minutes. Once iframe loaded it will not have an expiry time.

The user will be authenticated under the same user, who requested the Access Token!

Generate the Iframe Code

The next step is to generate the iframe to show to your user

<iframe src="{{server}}/auth/exchange?oauth_session_key={{ONE_TIME_ACCESS_TOKEN}}&app_mo de=headless&redirect_to=/channels&property_id={{PROPERTY_ID}}" > </iframe>

Where {{server}} is the address of the channex server, {{ONE_TIME_ACCESS_TOKEN}} is the token received at the previous step, {{PROPERTY_ID}} is the ID of the Property in Channex which will be associated with the created channels.

Filter available channels

To allow user connect only specific channels, you can pass additional argument channels inside URL:

{{server}}/auth/exchange?oauth_session_key={{ONE_TIME_ACCESS_TOKEN}}&app_mo de=headless&redirect_to=/channels&property_id={{PROPERTY_ID}}&channels=BDC,ABB

Available list of channels:

  • BDC -

  • ABB - Airbnb

  • EXP - Expedia

  • GHA - Google Hotel Ads

  • AGO - Agoda

  • IBE - Booking Engine

  • HWL - HostelWorld

  • SM - SiteMinder

  • WBK - Wubook

  • RC - RoomCloud

  • HG - HyperGuest

  • LO - LocalOTA


The provided iframe UI is limited and only allows the user to create / edit / remove channels with the provided Property ID.

There is no access policy yet for example “Read-Only” mode. Let us know your ideas or requirements if that is needed.