Bookings Management

This page will show all your bookings from the selected property or all properties.

View Booking

Click on view to view the booking, a side bar will load to show you the booking details

Booking Details

Status - This is the booking status, it will be one of three options: New, Modified, Cancelled.

Source / OTA - This is the channel name

Channel - This is the custom name of the channel, you can change this by editing the channel title.

Reservation ID: This is the Channex ID for the booking

OTA Reservation ID: This is the OTA ID for the booking

Booked at: The date it was booked

Property: The property the booking is for

RUID: This is the internal code for if there is any support required (This might be removed later as it is for admins)

We provide check in details section

We provide the customer details for the booking, this part depends how much the OTA will share with Channex.

This room breakdown screen with show you all the details of each room in the booking

Price Breakdown - It will show the price for each day booked, if there was a promotion applied it will show here also

Guests - The guest name will be shown here

Occupancy - The occupancy for the room

Meal Plan - Meal plan booked

Smoking - Smoking preference

Policies - The policy that was active when booking was created

Cancellation policy - We show the details from of the cancellation policy and penalty.

Card Type - The type of card for the booking: Visa, Mastercard, Amex

Card Number - We show PCI friendly version of the card number

Expiration Date - Date card will expire

Cardholder Name - Name of cardholder

CVV / CVC - This will let you know if it was provided or not with the booking

Is Virtual - If the card is a virtual card or not

Notes - Any notes from the guest or the OTA

Booking Expenses - This is the total amount for the booking


You can see the prior version of the booking here, also you can see the time of each revision.

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