Guide on the Airbnb connection and mapping

  1. Rate Plans (Beta)

Login to the Airbnb Account

To connect Airbnb it works with an Oauth model, this means you need to have login access to the account to be able to connect it to Channex.

You should have login access to the users account to connect it with Channex. You can ask the user to change their password after connection for security reasons and it will not affect the connection.

Make sure you are logged in to the correct Airbnb account before you try to connect.

Create the Airbnb Channel

  1. Go to: and click on the create button

  2. Channel: Choose "Airbnb"

  3. Title: Enter the name or note on the connection

  4. Choose which properties that will connect to the channel, this can be 1 property or multiple properties.

Once you have filled in all required fields the "Connect to Airbnb" button will become active.

If there is already another channel manager or PMS connected to Airbnb the connection will not complete. You should disconnect any connection before trying to connect Channex.

Min Stay Type: This setting is so you can choose which min stay values you send to Airbnb. You should check since Channex supports 2 types of minimum stay and Airbnb can only have 1.

Airbnb works on "Arrival" type of Min Stay. This setting just chooses which numbers we send over and doesn't change the min stay logic.

Send Booking Notification Email: This is optional if you would like Channex to send an email after a booking (New, Modification and Cancellation)

Host ID: This will be empty, once connection is active it will show the Host ID here.

Copy Link: If you have no access to the Airbnb account but need to setup on behalf of the host. Copy the link and provide to them. They can accept the connection and let you know if it was completed. Then the channel should be created.

After you press "Connect to Airbnb" button you will be taken to Airbnb page to confirm the connection. You should check if it is the correct account and accept. You will then be redirected back and we will show the connected text instead of the button.

Connection Errors

If you get any issues to connect it's usually only a few possible things

  1. There is already a Channel Manager connected, they will usually tell you this error on top of the screen. You can go to setting and into privacy options to disconnect an old channel manager.

  2. Missing Host info, this can block connection if the account is missing email verification or some other important details. They will usually notify you what is the problem

If you require help on connecting please take a video or capture images of the error before reaching out since it's usually on the Airbnb side.

Multi Property

If you have multiple properties then you can add them in this section. Add all the properties to the channel and they you can map them to the lisitng in the mapping page.

Mapping Airbnb Listings

Once the connection is active

Click on the "Mapping" tab at the top to see the mapping.

Each listing will show as "not mapped" and It you just need to click on it to map.

Once you click on "not mapped" you will see a drop down to select what room and rate to map it with

You must choose both a room and a rate plan.

If you have different prices depending on how many people are staying then you should map your lowest occupancy rate plan like the 1 person rate. There will be settings later to set how much extra to charge per person.

In this example the price is for the whole apartment so they mapped the highest rate.

Once you have mapped the listings click the Save button.

Edit the listings

Once you have mapped the listings you can edit the listing to make sure the settings are correct.

Click on the "Listing" tab

You will notice the listing name first, then you will see "Published" or "Unpublished" You can click on it to change the status.

The second option is "Price Settings"

The details are pulled from the listing, so mostly it is to check they are correct. You can edit also. These settings are now not editable in Airbnb!

Currency - Select the currency of your listing

Default Daily Price - Whatever is set here is the default price per night

Default Weekend Price - Whatever is set here is the default price per night

Default Price & Weekend Price is just the default setting, the price per night will be synced from the room/rate chosen in the mapping.

Monthly Stay Discount - How much to discount for a 1 month stay

Weekly Stay Discount - How much to discount for a 1 week stay

In the Airbnb admin, It it possible to set up other length of stay discounts also from 2 to 60+ nights.

Price Per Extra Guest - How much extra per guest from included guests

Guests Included - How many guests are included in the price per night

Security Deposit - How much will Airbnb keep as a security deposit

Cleaning Fee - What is the cleaning fee for the listing, this amount will be added to the final bill.

Next is "Availability Settings"

Number of Days: Choose how many days in advance the listing should be available.

If the setting is on "Unavailable by Default" it is incompatible with Channex. You should choose either all dates or a number.

Number of Hours - How many hours notice you need for bookings so you don't get last minute bookings

Preparation Time - How long a gap do you need before accepting a new guest

Max Nights - What is the maximum length of a booking you would like, if you want long term stays then set a high number.

Min nights - Minimum length of stay for a booking

These restrictions are just default settings, Channex will pass the min stay and max stay for each night from the Room/Rate plan in mapping.

Currently we send Min Stay Arrival restriction to Airbnb, if your property is using Min Stay Through it will not be sent. We will add a selector soon to choose which to send.

Checkin Dates: This is default settings for which days are allowed for checkin

Checkout Dates: This is default settings for which days are allowed for checkin

These settings will be overwritten by channex daily from the CTA (Closed to Arrival) and CTD (Closed to Departure) restrictions.

Min Nights Per Week - Default settings for min stay per weekday

Price Per Person with Airbnb

Airbnb allows you to map only 1 rate plan. So essentially you can send just 1 price only, to have different prices per person you will need to change settings in the Airbnb listing.

Example: 8 person room and you have different prices for 4,5,6,7 & 8 persons.

In this example you should send the lowest price (2 persons) to Airbnb

Then edit the "Pricing Settings" and set included persons to 4. You can find this settings in the channel by editing the channel.

Then set "Price per extra guest" to whatever the increase per person should be.

For Airbnb you can only have 1 setting for price per extra person, you cant have different price for 1st extra or 2nd extra etc. They will all be the same.

Rate Plans

We have added support for rate plans in Airbnb. This means you can create derived rates or normal rates which you can map to Channex rates.

Note: You cant make any special offers or promotions when you use Rate Plans, also it is not available in Italy or China currently.

How to enable Rate Plans

In "General Settings" you will see a button at the bottom to "Enable Rate Plans"

Once this is enabled you will find another tab in your tab section called "Rate Plans"

How to make a rate plan

You will have 0 rate plans to begin with so you will need to create at least 1

Make sure if you turn on rate plans you make 1 or more rate plans and map them. otherwise you will block all your sales.

Press the "Create " button to create your first rate plan

You will need to make sure you set the Name and cancellation policy of the rate plan, other settings are optional.

Rate Plan Mode: Manual means you will need to map this rate to a channex rate. Derived means you will derive the price from another Airbnb rate.

Mapping Rate Plans

The original listing will still be mapped but no updates will be made, you will have to map the rate plans you have created.

If you remove the rate plan feature it will go back to your mapping as you had before you enabled it

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