Find out here how to connect and map to HotelTonight

Connect to Channex

For mapping requests/connectivity requests:

Hotels wanting to sign up for Hotel Tonight or general questions:

Add HotelTonight Channel

Go to the channels page and create a new channel, you should find "HotelTonight" on the list.

Enter the Hotel ID you were provided by HotelTonight

Once you have entered the Hotel ID you have to press the "Test Connection" button

You should select here if the prices your sending prices include taxes or they exclude taxes. Typically properties in the USA will be excluding. Europe is Including.

Mapping HotelTonight

Once the contract has been chosen you can click on the mapping tab, it will look similar like this

We will show all the rooms from HotelTonight and you can map to the correct room and rate in Channex.

Save channel and go live

Once all rooms are mapped you can save the channel and then activate the channel. We will send a full sync to the channel as we do normally.

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