Properties and Groups Management
Here you can add your properties, you can also create groups.

Add a new property

If you are starting a new account you will have no properties listed, please click on the Create button to make your property.
Add a new property
Please enter all details and click save
All properties will be a member of a group, even if you choose another group you have created. A property can be a member of multiple groups.

Add New Group

To add a new group please click the Create button and choose to add a group
Adding a new group
A group is a simple field to ask for a name.
The purpose of a group is to collect a number of properties together for viewing or reporting purposes.
A property can be a member of multiple groups

Assign a property to a group

assign a property to a group
Click on actions button on the group and assign property. Then select a property from the list to add.

Remove a Property from a group

Remove property from a group
If the property is only a member of one group, the remove options will be disabled. This is because every property must be a member of at least 1 group.
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