How to connect Channex to Apaleo

How do I open a Channex account?

You need to contact Channex first to setup an account

How to connect the account to Apaleo

  1. Find the Channex app in the Apaleo Store.

  2. Click “Connect to Apaleo” link.

  3. Confirm the permissions required for Channex to connect to your Apaleo account.

  4. In Channex it will ask you wich property you would like to connect or create a new property in Channex

  5. Then you should be able to see Apaleo in the app section to map the rooms and rate plans

How to check all is connected properly?

You should make sure all rooms and rates are mapped

Then check inventory page that all the availability and prices are the same as in the PMS.

If there are any issues please contact support

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