Best Practices Guide

Authentication uses a long-live token without any usage limits. As a result, you can use one token to send many requests. Keep in mind, Sign In API method is slow and take about 300ms, but other methods is fast (from 10ms), as result, try to use Sign In method rarely.
Best Practices
Use cache to store Access Token. Request an Access Token one time per day, or after Authentication error, as fallback. Re-use the Access Token.

Restriction and Availability Updates process incoming ARI messages in a FIFO (First In First Out) principle. Messages are processed sequentially.
Do not send big updates as independent messages, this operation will take much more time, than one batch update. Combine messages together and send it as batch to Keep in mind, messages should be less than 10mb. does not have any limits to count of changes in one message.
If you like to update prices for 1 rate plan for 100 days, you should send one message with 100 changes instead 100 messages with 1 change per message.
Best Practices
Combine updates together and send it as single message instead batch of independent messages.

Track Updates

If you are like to track changes at Property ARI, please, use our Subscription API for that.
This mechanic provide ability to you decrease count of requests and be notified about any changes immediately after moment when it is happened.
Best Practices
Don't use Long Polling logic to track changes at Property ARI. Instead that, use our Subscription API.
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