Channex PCI application allows you or other users to view credit card information on bookings. We also store all views in the log

Add PCI App

To add the app make sure you are the owner of the property and have an active billing account. You can go to our app page here and add by clicking on it

Link to app page: https://app.channex.io/applications

Clcik on "Channex PCI"

Note: This is a free app

Control what users can see cards

Click on the gear icon and you can select which users can use this service

How to view Cards

Once the PCI Application is added you will see a "View Card" button on the booking with card details present

Click on "Show Card Details"

Note: We will use 2 factor authentication so we will send a code to your email which you will need to view the card. This is for security and PCI compliance to make sure only the right user can view.

PCI Logs

PCI requirements states that all views must be logged. So you can view all logs for PCI in the PCI app page in the navigation

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