• Improve logic to associate Bookings with Property

  • Fix problem with Total amount at Wubook

  • Handler for bookings coming for non-existed channel

  • Fix problem with Airbnb connection process

  • Fix problem with guest count parsing at


  • API to work with Room Type Spaces

  • API to work with Room Type Bed Configurations

  • UI and API to work with Property Facilities

  • UI and API to work with RoomType Facilities

  • Implement logic to control should Channex update Availability or not

  • Allow import future bookings without Availability changes

  • Open Channel connection

  • Selector to choose Min Stay type for Channel Connections

  • Min / Max Price settings at Property level

  • Trigger Full Sync if unmapped booking is handled

  • Trigger Full Sync if missed cancellation or missed modification is handled

  • Add UI to pull future bookings from Airbnb

  • Add UI and API to update User Profile


  • Add log to interpret 0 rate as Stop Sell for Airbnb

  • Disable remove operation for active channel

  • Improve sort operations for tables

  • Improve Full Sync UI for Google Hotel Ads



  • Solve problem with updated Rate Plans and Room Types at GoogleHotelAds

  • Improve validation for Create Property

  • Fix Wrong extras on Wubook

  • Add limit for AirBNB listing settings loader


  • Implement Property Options API endpoint

  • Implement Groups Options API endpoint

  • Add ability to filter properties by group_id at API level


  • Improve logic to extract occupancy information for

  • Save additional information about credit cards at

  • Expose Remove Property Scenario

  • Multi-occupancy pricing model

  • Add Read Only Rates settings at

  • Change format for expiration date at credit card into MM/YYYY

  • Disallow request restrictions for past dates

  • Show additional info for booking Improve mapping dialog



  • Fix problem with non parsed fee at Wubook


  • Implement Google Hotel Ads pending status for channel

  • Add bulk update to mobile inventory

  • Allow edit values at mobile inventory

  • Add restriction filter and date picker to mobile inventory


  • Improve BookingEngine API validation

  • Improve error handling for API

  • Update crud table loading logic



  • Fixed bug where past date was allowed to be selected for bulk update

  • Remove typo from inventory page

  • Fixed room type render at rate categories page

  • Fixed CRUD loading UI

  • Fixed stop_sell incorrect value return in ApplyAvailabilityChanges task

  • Fixed problem with RoomType and Property description length

  • Improve error handling and rendering for BookingEngine channel

  • Improve validation rule

  • Extend validation method on ListQueryArgs

  • Return correct answer if mapping details is not available


  • Improved mapping screen

  • Fix channel names at channel widget

  • Improved long text render for booking widget

  • Added Min Stay Through restriction

  • Added quick view link for rate plans at inventory page

  • Added quick view link for room types at inventory page

  • Lock map scroll in property edit dialog

  • Add select all checkbox for rates select at Google Mapping Dialog

  • Add allocation button at booking

  • Update date format at booking view

  • Add name of user who resolved an issue

  • Improved date rendering at property logs page

  • Add abbr into country name translation

  • Improve wubook error handling

  • Improve Google Hotel Ads Hint message logic


  • Add TaxSets options endpoint

  • Implement Geocoding API

  • Add channel active/disabled log

  • Add MinStayThrough into Rate Plan API response

  • Add options endpoint for Cancellation Policies Implementation logic to call sync for AirBNB when Availability Rule Advance is changed

  • Provide associated Issues with Booking

  • Add property_id into booking and booking revision models

  • Re-fetch credit card for Wubook reservations

  • Add task_id into Update Availability logic

  • Add logic to update Google Channels Cache when room type is updated Implement task message re-scheduler logic with exponential delay

  • Add logic for group MO rate changes for

  • Support comma separated prices Improve validation for Create Booking API



  • Prevent problem with duplicated messages at Availability updates


  • Implement support for date range updates at Restriction messages

  • Implement support for date range updates at Availability messages



  • Solve problem with create Property and not existed group_id

  • Fix issue page missing handler to update issues list after issue update

  • Fix missing property at mapping issue dialog/booking revision

  • Fix widget pagination not being reset after filter change

  • Solve problem with rendering JSON at logs


  • Logic to launch FullSync when channel is activated

  • Improve ui for upload logo

  • Add translation for Push Booking event

  • Add property selector to resolve modal for cases with multiple properties

  • Update channel name at channel table for

  • Update channel name at channel table for Airbnb


  • πŸš€ integration

  • πŸš€Airbnb integration



  • Solve problem with property management at Channel connections

  • Solve problem with Taxes and currencies with 0 fraction size

  • Fix Issues widget order and styles

  • Fix problem with filter Channels by property at Channels page


  • Add hostel support for Google Hotel Ads

  • Add support property_id filter for Channels query


  • Add Room Kind (room or dorm) into Room Type definition

  • Add Capacity field to work with Dorm Room Types



  • Solve problem with negative values at RoomType and RatePlan availability

  • Fix problem with removing rate plans when removed rate plan is not remove from state


  • Improve database performance

  • Improve performance for Google Hotel Ads connection

  • Improve Dashboard widgets


  • Add timezone field into property settings



  • Fix problem with Channel mapping update

  • Fix problem with missed Full Sync request if Channel at hold state

  • Solve problem with Bookings duplication at Booking Request

  • Fixes for VerticalBooking connection


  • Add error handler for too big photos at Photo Upload logic

  • Add Currency field into Tax Set model

  • Improve performance for Channel Mapping Screen

  • Improve password field to prevent autofill browser problem

  • Add property name into Logs page header

  • Add channel name into Logs page header

  • Move RateCategories into Settings page

  • Move dark line at Inventory screen

  • Increase performance for internal read operation


  • Implement logic to upload photos from remote domains and via file-upload

  • Add pagination logic for Channel Health API

  • Add filtration logic for Property Health API

  • Implement UI to test Tax Set calculations

  • Add API to test Tax Set

  • Add Headers field for Subscription

  • Add Google Hint Message logic



  • fix for Vertical Booking to receive booking messages

  • solve problem with logic to create ChannelEvents if Booking is not mapped


  • Add Taxes and Tax Sets

  • implement logic and UI to upload Property Logo image


  • Improve UI and performance for Booking View screen



  • Update Hotel Policy UI and API

  • Remove feature flags from released features (content, settings, policies)

  • Improve UI to show Acknowledgements by Booking Revisions

  • Improve statuses at Channel Connection Widget


  • Solve problem with crashes at Channel Connections

  • Implement logic to batch availability updates at Wubook



  • Photo management API

  • Cancellation Policy management API

  • Hotel Policy management API

  • Property filter for Bookings and Booking Revisions

  • Initial version of Google Hotel Ads integration

  • Cancellation Policy management UI

  • Hotel Policy management UI


  • Improve Booking Notes formatting

  • Improve logic to load Bookings

  • Improve Photo management UI and logic

    • Add Photo Position support

    • Add multiple upload files feature


  • Fix mistake with Logs loading



  • Add content management logic and UI:

    • manage Property Photos

    • manage Property Description

    • manage Room Type Photos

    • manage Room Type Description


  • Implement logic to redirect user to Sign In Page is session is expired

  • Migrate to Scenario Based logic to work with Channel Events

  • Improve Sign In method validation

  • Prevent multiple requests from Inventory page to get ARI information

  • Simplify UI for user with one property

  • Add hotel_policy_id field into Property API


  • Solve mistake with menu element height

  • Fix bug with removing mapping at Vertical Booking connection

  • Solve problem with credit card receiving from Wubook when CVV is not present

  • Solve mistake at logic to automatically update availability when new booking is received

  • Solve problem with wrong push callback URL for Wubook Connection

  • Solve mistake at ChannelConnection module with write logs operation



  • Solve problem with VerticalBooking connection and sync for first date


  • Add Event notification for Wubook Connection Pull ARI operation



  • Solve problem with create Property and Room Type when description is not provided

  • Solve problem at VerticalBooking integration with too long update range

  • Solve problem with Wubook Pull ARI method


  • Extend BookingRoom object by adding list with Guests associated with that room

πŸš€ 2019-10-10

πŸŽ‰ Production release #1 πŸŽ‰

  • User management features

    • registration

    • authorization

    • reset password

    • invitation management

  • Property Management

  • Room Type Management

  • Rate Categories Management

  • Rate Plans Management

  • Property State Management

    • Inventory management

    • State changes log

  • Channel Connections Management

    • Wubook Channel Connection

    • VerticalBooking Channel Connection

    • Channel Events log

  • Bookings Feed View