API Key Access
Persistent API Key access without refresh requirements
If you develop a server-side application like Property Management System (PMS) or Revenue Management (RMS) or anything else.
You will need to use the API key method instead of user credentials
In the future logging in with user credentials will trigger 2-factor authentication which will break your integration.

Setup an API Key

This feature is not available for all Users by default, to enable it, please contact with our support via email ([email protected]) or via our Basecamp and let us know your username email address.
If we have enabled API key please logout and back in to see.
When feature will be available for your User, at User Profile you will see new section: API Keys.
API Key management interface
Press Create new API Key, fill API Key name and press Create to generate a new API Key.
Create new API Key Interface
After that, you should see next message:
Generated API Key Interface
Please, copy API Key from that UI and keep it at safety place. API Key will be shown once and later, you can't see it again. If you lose API Key, you can generate new.

API Key Usage

To send API requests using API Key, you should pass it as user-api-key header into request.
GET /api/v1/properties/ HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
user-api-key: uU08XiMgk8a7CrY4xUjAReUIuTrn83R123adaVb8Tf/qMcVTEgriuJhXWs/1Q1P

Revoke API Key

Sometimes, an API Key can be compromised. This can happen by many different reasons - forgetting the key at a git repo or something else. If you think, your API Key is compromised, you can revoke that key.
At your User Profile, find your key at list and press Actions button, choose Withdraw action and confirm action.
Revoke API Key Interface

What is possible via API Key

Using the key you will get access to the same powers as the user, but you don't have to use username and password to login.
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