How to connect and map to Expedia

Request the connection with Channex

In the Expedia extranet please go to "Rooms and Rates" and then "Connectivity Settings"
Typically Expedia will require 2 factor authentication to access this page
Once this has been completed the user should choose Channex for both options of Connectivity and bookings.

Creating the Expedia Channel

In Channex go to the channel tab:
Click on the "Create" button and you will get this page:
Select "Expedia" from the list of channels
Please enter all fields:
Title: This is the name you would like to call the channel
Property: Choose your property from the list
Hotel ID: This will be the Expedia property ID
Min Stay Type: Choose which Min stay the property uses and wants to send to Expedia. Typically it will be "Arrival"
Test Connection: Once the details are entered this should have a successful result and you can click on the next button to go to mapping.

Mapping Expedia

Mapping to Expedia is pretty straight forward, onthe left side there is all the rooms and rates from Expedia and on the right side is what you should map to.
You should select the correct room and rates from the options provided and save

Activate the Connection

Once the connection is activated make sure you make it active in the channels page by clicking the options button and "Activate"
Once you have activated the channel it would do a full sync of all pricing, availability and restrictions to the mapped rate plans.

Pull Future Bookings

This channel connection supports pulling all the future bookings from Expedia.