Inventory Management

This is where you are able to see all rate, restriction and availability information of all your properties, rooms and rate plans.

Table of Content:

  1. Select Property

  2. PMS connected Properties

  3. Inventory Management Overview

  4. How to Navigate the Inventory Grid

  5. Inventory Shortcodes

  6. Update the table

  7. Bulk Update

  8. Change Log

1. Select Which Property to View

You are able to view a single or multi property at this page, to choose your view use the property selector at the top of the page

Generally for hotels and multi unit accommodation businesses you will want to view one property at a time. For vacation rental you will be able to benefit for single or group views.

2. PMS Connected Properties

For properties that have a PMS connected.

The PMS will update to availability, rates and restrictions, changing anything here manually may mean that it is later overwritten by a PMS update.

There are some advanced settings which is likely the PMS does not update:

  • Max Availability

  • Availability Offset

You can use these special settings to control availability. 
Please go here for more details

3. Inventory Management Overview

We use the standard hierarchy of:

  • Room Types

  • Room Rates

  • Channel Rates

Room Type

This is the type of room you are selling

Example: Double Room, Family Room

Room Types are from the Hotel industry to manage multiple rooms of the same type (Multi Unit)

If you are a vacation rental or sell rooms individually then just call the room type after your property or room.

Room Rate / Rate Plan

A room rate is a combo of the Room Type and Rate Plan

Example: Double / Best Available Rate

The Room Rate will hold all details of Pricing, Availability and Restrictions for that Room Type.

Channel Rate

A channel rate is when a room rate is mapped to a channel, you will be able to see here what is sent to that channel.

Channel Rate is what is sent to the channel, in channel mapping you can use a modifier to change rates sent to channels.

Example: +10%

In this example the channel rate should show 10% higher than the parent rate.

4. How to Navigate the Inventory Grid

Navigation - You can navigate in 2 ways:

  1. Use the date picker and select a date

  2. Use the arrows to go to next date range.

5. Inventory Shortcodes:

We have lots of shortcodes on the calendar:


  • RATE - This is the Rate/Price

  • MSA - Minimum Stay Arrival

  • AVL - Availability (How many rooms/units left)

  • SS - Stop Sell Restriction

  • MXS - Maximum Stay Restriction

  • CTA - Closed to Arrival

  • CTD - Closed to Departure

Special Ones:

  • AVO - Availability Offset

  • MAL - Maximum Availability

  • AVL - Availability of room rate

Update the Table

To change anything on the grid you just need to click on it or click and drag for a date range

After you click on the grid you will see a popup like this:

Now you can check the dates are correct and enter the new value.

Once you have updated the grid you can save or reset changes.

Bulk Update

This is the method you need for bulk changes, you can do multiple date ranges and days of the week

Affected Dates: You can update with 1 date range or add multiple

Restrictions: Here you can choose what you want to update, you can update multiple things at the same time.

Affected Rooms: You can search the table for any text, the table will show only what matches the search.

Select the rooms and rates you wish to update

Press save to finish!

Change Log

We made another page for change log, please see here: Change Log

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