How to connect and map the Despegar channel

Connect From The Despegar Extranet

You will need the property to sign into Despegar extranet. Then click on "General Settings" and then "Channel Manager Connection"

Then you will be presented with the connection screen that will show all their connections (if any)

Disable or Remove old Channel manager connections

Before you add Channex make sure you disable or remove all the old channels.

Add Channex Connection

Click on "Add channel manager / PMS" button

Click on drop down menu and select "Channex" from the list of providers.

Click to accept the terms and conditions. And copy the API key they provide and the property ID and username.

Please copy the API password here since they will not show again. If API key is lost you can reset the connection and they will provide a new password.

Connect Channex to Despegar

Create a new channel in Channex from the channel tab and select "Despegar" as the OTA

Provider: Please choose Channex

Hotel ID - This is Hotel ID of the property in Despegar

Username - This is the username of the property in despegar

Password - This must be the API password that was created once you connected in Despegar (You cannot use the normal password here)

Min Stay Type: Choose which min stay you will send to Despegar (They only accept 1 type)

Map the Despegar Channel

Mapping Despegar is similar to all other channels in Channex

Just map all room types and rate plans

You might see that in this example the rate plan is 1 person but the rooms are double. Just map and all should be correct. Despegar can sometimes control the price for extra persons in the extranet

Once all rooms/rates are mapped you can activate the channel

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