How to connect and map to Hostelworld

Connect Hostelworld to Channex

Please email Hostelworld support to task them to connect Channex. They should reply that they enabled the connection and provided you with a property ID.

Add the Hostelworld Channel

In Channex go to channels and create channel.

Choose Hostelworld.

Select your property you wish to connect.

Enter the property ID provided by Hostelworld and click on test connection. It should show success if everything is correct.

If there is an error make sure the property ID is correct.

Map Hostelworld

Mapping to Hostelworld is simple, you just need to map all rooms and rate plans.

Hostelworld works with the max occupancy of the room type.

So if there is a Double Room you should send the 2 person price. You cant sell the room for "single occupancy" like with other channels. If there is a 4 person room you should map to a 4 person price.

If it is a dorm room please send price for 1 person

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