Detokenisation Profile

How to send card details to 3rd party services safely

Detokenisation Profiles

Same as a Tokenisation Profiles a Detokenisation Profile is used to extract Credit Card info from messages coming from 3rd party service into your application, Detokenisation Profiles describe how to insert real Credit Card data back into your messages that are going to 3rd party services.

You will typically use detokenisation to send the card details to a payment gateway.

Detokenisation Profiles are used with the secure domain feature. Usually you will have one Detokenization profile per application.

Detokenization Profile Structure

  "id": "441928a5-6cf6-4735-ae95-8b1a27178d1c",
  "type": "detokenization_profile",
  "attributes": {
    "id": "441928a5-6cf6-4735-ae95-8b1a27178d1c",
    "name": "sample",
    "profile": {
      "type": "json",
      "schema": {
        "message_node": "$.data",
        "card_node": "attributes.guarantee",
        "card_token_node": "token"
      "target_card_node": "card_node",
      "card_node": {
        "card_number": "%CARD_NUMBER%",
        "cardholder_name": "%CARDHOLDER_NAME%",
        "expiration_month": "%EXPIRATION_MM%",
        "expiration_year": "%EXPIRATION_YYYY%",
        "cvv": "%SERVICE_CODE%"
    "created_at": "2020-06-08T05:49:10.979Z",
    "updated_at": "2020-06-08T05:49:10.979Z"

id - unique identifier based at UUID v4 name - URL-safe profile name type - type of message content (JSON or XML) schema - information where to find card token target_card_node - relative selector to insert card information card_node - card node structure description with Drop Ins

Same as Tokenisation profiles, Detokenisation profiles support CRUD methods.

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