Commonly asked questions about Channex PCI

Outgoing IP Address

If you need to add our IP address to a whitelist:



Can this work with any solution?

Yes, any application can work with Channex PCI but there will be some developer time required to change your processes.

What payment gateways do you support?

Channex PCI supports sending cards to any PCI Compliant endpoint, most often this is a payment gateway but it could be another system such as a channel manager or PMS.

The tokenization fee includes cards with CVV/CVC?

Yes our card tokenization fee for a card includes the card and the CVV/CVC. We don't charge extra fees for this.

Can users view the card and CVV?

Yes, we provide an iframe so your users can view the card and the CVV/CVC. Viewing CVV/CVC is only allowed 1 time as per PCI-DSS rules.

Are there extra fees to view cards?

No, all transaction with the tokenised card is included in the fee

Can we have an API key to test?

Yes, please contact us and we can provide an API key for a free trial

Can we customize the card view iframe for our brand?

Yes, custom css can be provided to style the view of the iframe. We have to check it meets PCI standards. Usually its only simple changes such as colours and no external resources.

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