Registration & Authentication


Access to Channex PCI is only available by demand. Please, contact us via to get your account. We provide a free trial for any system and our pricing is transparent and can be seen here on our PCI page:

If you are a developer and wish to test please get in touch, the process is simple. We cannot provide self signup since it is a sensitive service.


API Key Authentication

After registration, you will receive Master API Key, which you can use as sign for your requests to our API.

To sign request by API Key, you should pass it as a GET argument into your query:



We strongly recommend that you don’t use the Master API Key for testing, development or production environments. Instead, you should generate a Second API Key (count is not limited) via our API Key methods and use that.

If your Second API Key will be compromised, you can revoke it and generate a new one.

Session Token Authentication

Embedded operations such as Show card iframe or Card capture iframe use a Session Token to handle authorization. Session Token is a one-off key to perform an operation at your account.

We use a Session Token with embedded operations to prevent any potentials leaks, because the Embedded operations key is visible to the end client.

Read more about Session Tokens here.

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