Linking Google Ads

After you have successfully added the Google channel for your property we now need to go to connect the properties to your Google Ads account or your properties Ads account.
The Channex Google Hotel Centre will have lots of properties from different providers, so to connect your Google Ads account we need to know which properties to allow access for.
Example CSV File
Please download this example CSV to see how it is made, you can edit it with your property information.
The contents of the CSV will look like this:
hotel_name (informational)
This example is only 1 property but you can add multiple if you wish by adding more lines
Hotel_id - This can be found in Channex Google Connection, just copy the ID of the channel.
Hotel_name - This is just extra information, it's not important what the name is.

How to get property ID from Channex to fill the CSV

Enter the property name in the top right corner and you will see all channels set up for that property.
Find the "Google Hotel Ads" connection and edit it.
Copy the "ID" at the top of the settings (We added a copy icon to make it simple for you)
Paste ID into the CSV file and add the name of the property
Make sure there is a comma separating the id and the hotel name. Multiple hotels can be added on new lines.

Connect a Google Ads account to Google Hotel Centre

In order to bid on your properties in the ad auction you need to connect your Google Ads account to your property in the Hotel Centre.
Please email me at [email protected] with the Google Ads ID (Can be found at top of page in Google Ads admin)
It will look like this format: 810-078-7858
I will start the connection to your account and you will need to accept.
Step 1: Copy the Google Ads ID of the client and we will invite the account

How to accept a connection

Once invited the account will need to accept the invitation
Click on Tools & Settings > Setup > Linked Accounts
Search for "Google Hotel Centre" and click on Details button
Then you should see "View Request" if not you can invite also the other way by click the blue circle with "+" icon and specifying Channex's account ID: 948128178
After clicking view request you will get final approval popup, just click on Approve to finalise the link.
Once Hotel Centre is linked it might take a few days for the Hotel Campaign option to show in your account. Please wait a few days before contacting support.