How to connect with Tiket.com

Connect to Channex

Please email Tiket.com support to request the connection to Channex


They also have a self service ability, if there is a channel manager already connected you cant change but only connect for the first time

Create the Tiket Channel

Go to the channels tab and click on "Create"

Select Tiket.com as the channel

Title - Enter the name you would like here to describe this connection

Group: Choose the correct group of which property you need to connect.

Property: Choose the property you wish to connect from Channex

Hotel ID: This will be the Tiket.com Hotel ID

Test Connection - This button will check if we have access to that property in Tiket, if there is an error please check your property ID. You might need to ask Tiket support to check if Channex is connected.


Click the mapping tab if the test button is a success, this will bring up mapping table.


Now you can map the room types from Channex to the Tiket.com Room types and also any rate plans.

Make sure all is mapped and nothing left unmapped.

Once you save the channel please activate it

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