My Hotel Shop (MHS) Google

If any client wants to work with MHS then please follow this guide. Creating the Group and inviting to the group only needs to be done once. If you need any help please ask.

Create a New Group for My Hotel Shop

For the first property you should create a new group for My Hotel Shop. If you have a Group already for them then you can skip this step.

Go to property page:

And click create property group

You can call it something that makes sense like " MHS - <Partner Name>

Creating Group is simple and you only need to enter a name

Add a property to the MHS group

  • Find the Group you created and click options menu

  • Click Assign Property

  • Add the Property that you wish to share with MHS

A property can live in 1 or more groups, by putting a property into the MHS group does not mean it will be removed from other groups.

Share access to the Group with MHS

You only need to Share access to the group for the first property. They will be able to see all new properties you add to the group.

  • Edit your Group in the property page

  • Click on "Users" tab

  • Click "Invite"

Then you will see the next screen:

  • Enter this email:

  • Role should be "user"

Then save the invite.

Add the MHS Google Channel

Go to channels page and add a new channel called Google Via My Hotel Shop

Then choose a suitable name like "MHS <Property Name>

Please select the MHS Group that you have created to select the property from that group. If you don't choose the MHS group then they will not have access to edit the channel.

And choose the property for the connection, you should only see list of properties from the MHS Group.

You can leave the booking link area empty, MHS will do this in the Google Hotel Centre instead

Map Rates to Channel

Click on the next button or on the mapping tab and you will see the next screen:

You should map by clicking on the checkbox

Please make sure all rate plans on the IBE is mapped here, any missing rate plans will cause price accuracy issues. Do not map any rates that are not available on the IBE.

If all steps are completed please let MHS know the property is ready and they will do the next steps to get it live.