VRBO / Homeaway connection is currently in beta and not ready for mass connections yet

Current Problems & Issues

Right now we have a few issues which are being worked on:
  • UI and connection process needs improvements
  • Booking modifications are created after any new messages
We are working on all issues and should have progress in the next few weeks to clear the problems.

Supported Functionality

We support the following:
  • ARI updates (Availability, Rates and Restrictions)
  • Get Bookings (New, Modified and Cancelled)
Not supported:
  • Messages
  • Reviews

How to Connect

You will need the following details from the property:
  • Username
  • Password
  • Sign in code (Sent to owners phone when you try to connect)
The owner of the account will need to be ready to provide a code for you to sign in
The Process:
  • Enter the username and password into the provided fields of VRBO channel
  • Press Authenticate button (not test connection)
  • Enter code into provided field
  • if not working at this point, save channel and refresh browser
  • if its working the mapping page should show listings, if not then please get in touch


We show all listings here even if disabled and sometimes deleted
Just map the listings you need and ignore any others.
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Current Problems & Issues
Supported Functionality
How to Connect